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It's time to overcome the hassle of filing and put your reports on cruise control with AutoFileTM

Our features

  • E File


    Enter all of your passwords once and never again. We'll remember them and eFile your reports.

  • Paper Registrations

    Paper Reporting

    No more printing reports, no more waiting, no more remembering to put them in the mail. We've got it covered.

  • Payment Reconciliation


    Check requests have become a thing of the past. We write checks from your designated bank account for easy account reconciliation.

  • One Deadline

    One Deadline

    Lucky number 7. On the 7th of each month we will eFile or mail your reports. Forget about all those double digits.

Put Your Reports on Cruise Control

AutoFileTM will monitor all of your shipments and compliance configuration and will automatically notify you if anything needs attention. Use our FileRight technology to easily fix any issues before your reports are filed.


Gain Visibility and Reconcile With Ease

We'll simplify your data into to a few key metrics that will give you full visibility into your monthly activity. Use our dashboard to reconcile with your accounting and order systems.


Do What You Love

Let us take care of the rest. Focus on the stuff that matters most to your business, like making great products and reaching new consumers. We'll make sure your reports get filed accurately and on time.


A Few Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AutoFileTM?
    • AutoFileTM is a new offering by ShipCompliant that makes completing all of the monthly reports that you need to file dead simple. You continue your current workflow of using ShipCompliant to validate addresses, charge accurate sales tax, run compliance checks, and fulfill your shipments, then leave the reporting to us! We’ll give you full visibility into all of the data, reports, and payments that were made to give you full confidence that the reports are being filed accurately and on-time each month.
  • What actions do I need to take?
    • If you’re using ShipCompliant for order processing and fulfillment, no additional action is required following your AutoFileTM Setup. If we detect that you’re missing any information that is required on any of the reports such as state license numbers, tracking numbers, or dates of birth for your customers, will generate notifications and give you easy tools to fix those issues.
  • What information will you need before you can report on my behalf?
    • We’ll need an electronic signature, your bank account and routing numbers (payments are withdrawn directly from a bank account that you designate), your usernames and passwords (we’ll make sure they’re fully encrypted in the database) for the online filing states, and also the name and contact info of the person that you want to sign each report.
  • Do I have the option to confirm reports before they are filed?
    • Yes. By default, reports will be automatically confirmed at the deadline (the 7th of each month). But, if you want the ability to manually confirm each report, you can configure that in your preferences.
  • What security measures do you have in place?
    • Payments are sent via secure FTP and everything is encrypted in ShipCompliant. Only designated and qualified administrators can access AutoFileTM accounts.
  • Will you AutoFileTM all of my reports?
    • We’ll AutoFileTM the vast majority of your reports, but a few reports are not currently eligible for AutoFileTM. For example, we currently do not AutoFileTM in-state reporting because additional information needs to be captured that we do not currently collect. We’ll make it really clear if there are any reports that need to be filed manually each month.
  • How do payments work?
    • Payments are made out of a bank account that you designate. You won’t have to manage funding an escrow account, and you won’t have to give us a power of attorney. We’ll tell you how much you’ll need to fund your account with, and you’ll have full visibility into all of the withdrawals that are made for each report. You can view electronic copies of all checks that are written, all electronic payments made, and also easily reconcile with your accounting system.
  • How easy is this process for someone new to compliance?
    • We keep the setup process detailed yet simple and easy to follow. If someone is new to compliance, they are a great candidate for AutoFileTM because we will give you context for each report and take care of all the details.
  • Can I edit reports before filing?
    • Yes, you can always edit a report before it gets AutoFiledTM. If you need to change any orders before a report gets filed, we give you all the control to put a report on hold so you can make any changes you see fit.
  • How do we sign each report?
    • Electronic signatures are stored in your ShipCompliant account and are added to each report. They can be easily changed at any time.
  • Do you also file quarterly and annual reports?
    • Yes! We file according to the frequency selected in your ShipComplaint account.
  • Do I need to set up accounts for e-filing in all these states before signing up?
    • You will need to register for e-filing in states where e-filing is required. We store all the usernames and passwords securely in your ShipComplaint account.
  • What states does AutoFileTM cover?
    • AutoFileTM covers all out-of-state reporting.
  • Does AutoFileTM cover state licensing?
    • AutofileTM covers report filing and remittance. If you are interested in learning more about getting state licenses, we recommend Easy Wine Licensing.

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