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Our features

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    Trademark Research

    Find out if someone is already using that hot new brand name before you invest

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    Keep on top of your intellectual property and receive email alerts if someone is using your mark

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    My Labels

    Manage your company's approved alcohol labels in one convenient location

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    See industry trends with access to custom reports and export search results into Excel to conduct in-depth analysis

Revolutionary COLA Monitoring Service

Be the first to know if your competition is planning to release a new brand that is similar to your own. We will email you whenever a new label is approved that matches your saved searches.


Powerful Search Tools for Preliminary Trademark Research

Visually search over 1.5M approved labels for potentially conflicting trademarks. Dynamically filter by date approved, class type, varietal, brand and more.


Stay on top of what is happening in your industry

Track what the competition is doing without having to regularly visit multiple websites or create industry analysis reports form scratch. Download your search results into Excel, or use one of our pre-populated Industry Trend reports.


A Few Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LabelVision?
    • The alcohol industry’s first trademark research and watch service based database of over 1.5M approved labels. With powerful search functionality and a clean, visual interface, you can quickly find the labels most relevant to you; then set up an email alert to monitor newly approved labels that match your search. Don’t you want to know if a new label is approved that is confusingly similar to your own? Are you or a client considering a new brand name that’s already taken? Do you want to quickly find what new label your competition is bringing to market? Then LabelVision may be for you. If you are a current client, LabelVision is available as an add-on module to your account. It is available to attorneys and market researchers as part of ShipCompliant’s Research Edition.
  • How much does LabelVision cost?
    • $700/month*. Designed for attorneys and market researchers, ShipCompliant Research Edition includes LabelVision and State Details, a summary of the laws governing the sale of alcohol in each state. For a limited time, early bird pricing is available! Sign up today for $500/month. $500/month* for current ShipCompliant clients. For a limited time, early bird pricing is available! Sign up today for $300/month. *For 10 plus users contact us for pricing
  • Can I have multiple users in my LabelVision account?
    • Yes, up to three (3) seats are included as part of your account. To add additional users, please contact us for pricing.
  • Can I search all COLAs that have ever been approved by TTB?
    • The source of the search is the Public COLA Registry, which includes over over 1.5 million approved alcohol labels. All labels that appear on the Public COLA Registry are searchable.
  • Can I search paper COLAs that don't have label images?
    • Yes, you can search and filter on paper COLAs that don't include label images.
  • Are there products on the market that do not show up in LabelVision?
    • Yes, LabelVision only includes labels available on the Public COLA Registry. Not all products require COLA approval. For example, COLAs are not required for beer that is not distributed out-of-state or low ABV products such as pre-made margarita mixes, so these products would not appear in the results.
  • Can I search the full text of labels?
    • Yes, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to scan label images for printed text that may not have been included as part of the COLA, such as ingredients. This text is then converted into digital text and made searchable. Because of the formatting and font on some labels, the OCR may not recognize certain characters and words correctly. Please keep this in mind when using full text search, as these anomalies may affect the results of your search for relevant labels using your search criteria.
  • Are email notifications available for my saved searches?
    • Yes, after saving a search, enter your email to be alerted whenever a new label is approved that matches your search criteria. Alerts are emailed in a weekly digest that is sent out on Monday each week.
  • Can other members of my team (such as managers) receive email alerts?
    • Yes, you can assign yourself, other users or any email address to the email notifications.
  • In what order are search results returned?
    • When searching for a specific term, results are returned based on relevance using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. If you search for the word “Napa” it will first return exact matches and then labels with words that include “Napa”. The screen will continue to load labels as you scroll down until no results remain. When searching exclusively using filters, results are returned based on recency.
  • How does a basic search work?
    • Searches with no operators will return labels that match all terms searched. For example, a search for “quick red fox” will return labels that include the word “quick”, the word “red” and the word “fox” somewhere on the label.
  • How do I search for an exact phrase?
    • Insert a period between words or quotes around a phrase to return results containing that exact phrase. For example, searching “Napa Valley” or “Napa.Valley” will return labels containing that exact phrase.
  • How do I exclude words from a search?
    • Add a dash (-) before a word to exclude all results with that exact word. For example, -fox will exclude results with the word “fox”, but “foxy” will be included. To exclude search results with both “fox” and “foxy”, you can do a search for “-fox*”.
  • What does the wildcard operator (*) do in search?
    • Wildcards can be used by putting a “*” at the beginning or the end of the word, but putting it at the beginning will make the search take much longer. When used at the end of a word, the asterisk will match all suffixes. For example, performing a search for “Temp*” = will return results which contain “Temp”,"Temptation", “Temple”, and “Temporary”.
  • What if I want to find any labels that have either ‘Rye’ or ‘Whisky’ in them?
    • Searching ‘Rye or Whisky’ ( Rye | Whisky will also work) will return all labels with either rye or whisky in the text of the label. Searching “Rye or Whisky” barrel will return all labels with either ‘Rye barrel’ or ‘Whisky barrel’ in the text of the label. Note: to use ‘or’ with more than two search terms, structure your search as follows – “Rye or Whisky” or Aged. Alternately Rye|Whisky|Aged will work.
  • Can I download the results of my search?
    • Yes, search results can be downloaded in .xls or .csv format.
  • Can I add additional Federal Basic Permit numbers to “My Labels”?
    • Yes, you can have multiple Federal Basic Permits linked to the "My Labels" section. Please contact customer support for assistance by emailing or calling (303) 996-1752.
  • Why is the "Recently Approved" tool taking a long time to load?
    • The Recently Approved tool is powered by Silverlight, a free plugin which enables visual sorting of thousands of labels. If you are seeing an error message, you may need to update or install a newer version of Silverlight.

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